What Wellesley Clients Say…

…about Tony Hannigan, Managing Director

Mr and Mrs Barnes have been with Wellesley for over 20 years. They recently visited our head office to discuss their close relationship with their adviser, Tony Hannigan. They value having someone they can trust to ensure their security in later life. This was the first time they had visited our office, as Tony usually visits them at home.
Mr and Mrs Barnes

…about Piers Bonnett, Senior Adviser

Mr and Mrs Lacey tell us about their relationship with Wellesley and their dedicated adviser, Piers Bonnett. They had been put off financial advice by a negative past experience, but, after attending a Wellesley seminar, they were impressed by our honest and accessible approach. This was the first time they had visited our head office; Piers usually visits them at home.
Mr and Mrs Lacey

…about Harry Morgan, Adviser

We talk to Lynne Sheilds about her relationship with Wellesley, and her adviser, Harry Morgan. He usually visits her at home where she feels more relaxed. Lynne has been with Wellesley for a number of years. Having previously been reluctant to approach financial advisers, Lynne feels completely at ease with Harry and his positive approach to saving.

Lynne Sheilds

…about Paul Wren, Adviser

We were delighted to welcome Mr Soni to the Wellesley Wealth Advisory head office for the first time. Mr Soni joined us to discuss the current relationship he has with Wellesley Wealth Advisory and his adviser, Paul Wren. They have worked together for many years, with Mr Soni’s family members also receiving advice and support from Paul.

Mr Soni

…about Harry Morgan, Adviser

Mrs Edmonds joined Wellesley after being impressed with our approach to financial advice at one of our seminars. She didn’t think she needed an adviser but, after losing confidence in her bank, she approached us to help her invest some inheritance. With her dedicated adviser, Harry Morgan, she feels confident that her money is in safe hands.
Mrs Edmonds

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

…about Ian Howard, Adviser

We talk to Mr Higglesden about his relationship with Wellesley, and his adviser, Ian Howard. Visits have taken place in various locations to suit Mr Higglesden including his work place. Ian has helped invest proceeds from his successful business and provided advice on his pension. We also get to hear some advice on investments for the younger generation based on Mr Higglesden’s life experience.

Mr Higglesden

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