Doctors and Surgeons Specialist Income Protection

A doctor or surgeon who is registered with the General Medical Council and licenced to practice in the UK can benefit from specialist Income Protection planning, via Wellesley which provides effective cover such as:

  • Sick pay guarantee
  • Sabbatical Break
  • Inclusive of HIV/AIDS
  • Benefit Guarantee

Sick Pay Guarantee

If you are directly employed by the NHS, you can select a 12-month deferral period and benefit from paying a cheaper monthly premium. If you need to claim the insurer will automatically align the pay-out with the NHS sick pay system, taking into account length of service. Topping up the 50% sick pay you’d receive, with a further 50% benefit – with the full 100% benefit being paid thereafter.

Sabbatical Break

Some insurers allow clients to take an extender break (up to two years) away from their role to study or work abroad.


Although usually excluded under income protection policies, specialist doctor and surgeon plans do not have these exclusions, which means although the risk is very small, you are still fully covered.

Income Protection
Doctor and Surgeon Benefit Guarantee


No matter how much your income may have reduced if you need to claim (as long as you are working at least 32 hours a week), specialist providers can guarantee to pay at least £3,000 a month. If you chose to cover less than £3,000 a month, the guarantee still applies to the level you chose, minus any income you continue to receive.

Please see the table below as an example:

Length of NHS Service Sick pay guarantee 50% of
monthly benefit after…
Sick pay guarantee 100% of monthly benefit after…
Up to 4 months N/A 1 month
Over 4 months up to 1 year 1 month 3 months
Over 1 year under 2 years 2 months 4 months
Over 2 year under 3 years 4 months 8 months
Over 3 year under 5 years 5 months 10 months
Over 5 years 6 months 12 months
Doctor IP

Expert advice


Due to the complex nature of this insurance product and the various benefits and features of these plans being more applicable to certain occupations. It is always best to speak to an adviser to ensure you have the correct product for your individual needs, at the most competitive price – here at Wellesley we can help you with this.

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