WealthSafe: A lifetime of paperwork at the click of a button

Introducing WealthSafe, our new personal document filing system, designed to keep up with the demands of modern life.

We can now do so much on our smartphones and laptops, including sending documents to the other side of the world. However, when it comes to finding our house deeds or an old tax return, often we find ourselves frantically rifling through the attic or in miscellaneous drawers. Now you can keep all your important paperwork at your fingertips with WealthSafe.

WealthSafe is an ‘online filing cabinet’ where everything is kept securely in one place: every paper is in order, easily searchable, deadlock-secure and easily accessible. Protected by ultra-secure technology, all your documents are available to you, wherever you are – you can even upload personal documents on the move.

Enhancing your wealth management experience

WealthSafe will enhance your relationship with your Wellesley adviser, as it allows you to instantly share documents with each other in a secure environment. This intuitive cloud solution provides a unique bridge between our personal advice and convenience of technological solutions.


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How to use WealthSafe

WealthSafe will also assist you with intergenerational planning, helping you to keep documents and memorabilia safe for future generations.

Click on the images to the left to learn more about WealthSafe and how to use it on desktop and mobile.

Help with your paperwork

The Daily Mail perfectly describes the purpose of WealthSafe as: “Replacing your teetering paper skyscrapers with a slick online filing system” – however, if the thought of sorting and digitising your historical paperwork is a daunting one, help is at hand! We offer a ‘Scan & Upload Service’ and also a bespoke ‘Concierge Service’, where a professional consultant will help you sort, organise and collate your documents ready for collection.

All data submitted to the Document Portal is stored within our application servers in UK based datacentres owned by UKFast. All data submitted to the Document Portal is stored within our application servers in UK-based data centres owned by UKFast. For more information, please visit – https://www.mywealthcloud.com/privacy-policy/

“We can lay our hands on our policies, deeds and certificates at a moment’s notice, thanks to WealthSafe. It’s a lot more secure than our study at home.”



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